Saturday, 1 November 2014

Redis MDEL command

To delete a key from Redis you have the DEL command.  Very fast and works great.    Now I had to delete a bunch of keys from Redis and guess what there is no MDEL command.  Now the choices are that I can do a KEYS <pattern>* (in the older versions) or the new SCAN calls.  Add Lua to that mix and we can create our own MDEL command.

I have uploaded the file to a gist at

Feel free to try it out and submit any comments / changes on the gist.

Monday, 17 February 2014

Installing Ubuntu on a Lenovo Z580 and making Wifi work

Lenovo has a laptop model Z580 that comes with a broadcom chipset for Wifi.  This will not work out of the box with Ubuntu 12.04.04 or Mint.  Even a kernel upgrade to a newer kernel did not help.  Hacking through the documentation I found that there is a section on Ubuntu's website that explains the problem in detail.  Instead of providing the detail on the same here on my blog, Just follow the instructions as outlined in this document.  This will make your Wifi come back alive!

Ubuntu Broadcom chipset issues

Monday, 13 January 2014

Reset the XFCE Desktop on Mint Maya

every so often I attempt something crazy and mess up the fvwm on my XFCE desktop.  This will result in the Window manager misbehaving and it doesn't matter if you logout or reboot because it faithfully saves the settings and restores it.  Here is how you get rid of the messed up settings

First, attempt to clear the cache.

cd ~;rm -rf .cache

This should hopefully clear out the problem once you log out and log back in.   If that doesn't work we have to take more drastic steps.  This involves resetting all your desktop configurations and settings.  Personally I hate it as I have a fairly customized destkop with various window manager settings, panels etc., and this step will make you lose all of them.

cd ~;rm -rf .config

This should clear out all the desktop settings and you should be able to see the old mint desktop back in action.

Hope this helps.